PT. Imaji Kreasi Sukses is a company that focuses on advertising, multimedia, design and printing, and interior, both individuals and companies.

Since 2008 PT. Imaji Kreasi Sukses was established and until now there have been many companies that have used our services in the fields of advertising, multimedia, design and printing, and interior.

With professional human resources in their fields and supported by quality and sophisticated technological system devices. We can provide excellent service and satisfying quality results for our clients.

As a company that is growing and developing with the spirit of entrepreneurship, commitment to quality, service, customer satisfaction and success is our main goal.



Vision And Mission

To become a leading integrated company in Indonesia. Become a pioneer in marketing growth in Indonesia by focusing on growing customer loyalty through transparent practices to develop quality that is constantly being improved and providing results driven solutions to help the business you run grow.


Why Us?

The advantage that you can get when you decide to work with us is that you can start the process of advertising the product with a small budget, which in turn our professional team will help you to prepare all the needs you need, including a variety of content in advertising, multimedia, print and design, and interior.

Kami telah berpengalaman untuk lebih memahami dan meneliti apa yang menjadi kebutuhan Anda termasuk berbagai taktik dan teknik terbaru untuk mencapai keberhasilan yang Anda harapkan.